novastor services

SCiON specialises in the installation, service and maintenance of Novastor.
Below are some advantages of using Novastor and why we like it.

Backup software and data protection solutions for whatever business you’re in. Simple, fast and reliable. Individuals, families, small businesses, big businesses, internet service providers, and enterprise professionals alike all understand the importance of data protection and security. At NovaStor, our business is backup and data protection.

NovaStor provides simple yet robust solutions for small to mid-size businesses who want to reliably backup their workstation and server data without the need of an IT professional, special training, or an engineering degree. NovaBACKUP® Server, Network, and Remote Workforce products offers huge cost savings over comparable solutions while providing sound best practices procedures of local backup AND online storage.

    Microsoft Server 2008 doesn't allow us to back up to TAPES anymore, which we had purchased 6 in the last few months before we upgraded the Server Software.
Scion introduced us to NovaStor and we haven't wasted our money on buying the TAPES, and we enjoy the new Novastor software program, very easy to use.

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